"Minority recommendation" from the T&F group

The Task and Finish Group have published their recommendation for the Ecotriciy bid. Two members of the group disagreed with it. Their dissenting opinion wasn’t included in the report, and isn’t available elsewhere on the internet, so we’re reproducing it here.

It was pasted as a comment on our Facebook page.

Alternative minority recommendation

The alternative minority recommendation from the two Green Party councillors on the council’s task and finish review group who were against the sell-off recommendation, myself and Jonathan Edmunds. We submitted our minority recommendation for publication and distribution to other councillors alongside the recommendation from the majority on the review group. That hasn’t happened and all the signs are that it’s being sat on.

In our alternative recommendation, we propose the Subs not be sold but that whoever runs it other than the council should lease it, that the final decision should be taken by full council rather than just a committee and that the council should start negotiating with bidders asap to find the best community use solution for the long term future of the Sub Rooms.

Subscription Rooms Task and Finish Group minority recommendation

We strongly disagree with the recommendation of the Subscription Rooms Task & Finish Group as set out in the group’s final report, which does not adequately reflect the alternative opinions expressed by the two of us in meetings of the group.

Instead, we recommend that:

  1. Any final decision on the future of the Subscription Rooms should be taken not by a committee but by a meeting of full council.
  2. The results of the task and finish group’s review of the Subscription Rooms, including the bids submitted, should not be considered by Strategy and Resources Committee alone but also by Community Services Committee, with both committees then reporting their conclusions and/or recommendations to the meeting of full council.
  3. Disposal of the freehold of the Subscription Rooms and its forecourt should be ruled out as an option, with the council retaining ownership and any future arrangements for running the venue other than by the council itself to be strictly on a leasehold basis, not on the basis of sale to a third party, to ensure continued future use as a community/cultural asset. 4) Council should commence renegotiation with bidders as soon as possible to find the best way forward for the long term future of the Subscription Rooms under the basis recommended in 3) above.

In addition, we object to the way the Task and Finish Group majority recommendation was reached, with members being, we believe, unduly pressured to reach a quick decision regardless of any reservations they might have; with no formal decision matrix employed and no votes taken on the issues and bids being presented to the group in its final meeting.

Coun. Martin Baxendale and Coun. Jonathan Edmunds, Green Party representatives on the Subscription Rooms Task and Finish Group